Identification and Control of Occupational Hazards


Release time:2023-12-28 10:08

Identification of occupational hazard factors

◆ The experience method is based on professional knowledge and work experience, intuitively identifying and analyzing the hazardous factors existing in the workplace, which is suitable for traditional industry projects. Due to the limitation of knowledge and experience, omissions and deviations may occur.

The analogy method is to analyze the hazard factors by drawing on the investigation and monitoring data of similar projects, and is applicable to the identification of the hazard factors of the same or similar projects, but the difference in comparability brings deviation.

The checklist method checks the relevant elements of the work section, device, equipment, production link and labor process in the way of checklist, identifies and analyzes possible hazardous factors, and has a wide range of applications, but it is less versatile, influenced by experience and other factors, and takes a long time to implement.

◆ Detection method in the workplace on the basis of investigation, the application of sampling analysis instrument for the analysis of possible hazard factors, applicable to the existence of mixed, uncertain factors project, true and reliable, can identify other methods difficult to find the factors, but limited by equipment.

occupational hazard factor control

Elimination and substitution: process improvement and equipment renewal to reduce the use of toxic raw materials; use non-toxic and low-toxic raw materials to replace high-toxic raw materials.

Engineering control: design layout improvement: isolation, partition operation, etc.: ventilation, dust removal, noise reduction, production equipment closed, pipeline.

Personal protection: wear personal protective equipment correctly to reduce exposure and absorption of occupational hazards.

Regular physical examination: early detection, early treatment, early cure

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