Special oil operation department completes double prevention off-site law enforcement inspection


Release time:2023-12-28 11:01

On the afternoon of November 22, Sanmenxia Emergency Management Bureau came to Jinda Special Oil Operation Department to carry out double prevention law enforcement inspection in different places.

This double prevention off-site law enforcement inspection is a municipal cross-check organized by Henan Provincial Emergency Department in the whole province. The purpose is to further promote the normal and long-term operation of double prevention mechanism and play the basic role of double prevention in preventing risks and curbing production accidents in enterprises. The main contents of this inspection include the construction of dual prevention mechanism, dual prevention responsibility system and personnel training. Risk identification and classification control, safety risk announcement and hidden danger investigation and management; The construction of dual prevention informatization and the rewards and punishments of dual prevention operation system.

For a long time, the Special Oil Operations Department has taken the construction of a dual prevention mechanism as an important normalization work. During the inspection, the relevant personnel of the company listened carefully to the opinions of experts and recognized the shortcomings in the construction of the dual prevention mechanism. He said that it is necessary to actively implement rectification and reform of the problems found in the inspection, further improve the construction of the dual prevention mechanism, and effectively prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents.

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