Labor protection clothing business

The Labor Protection Clothing Operation Department is a comprehensive enterprise that mainly manufactures and develops professional uniforms, professional tooling and occupational protective clothing, and also manages all kinds of labor protection articles. It is a designated manufacturer of special protection articles designated by the State Administration of Work Safety and a special labor protection article business unit approved by the Luoyang City Administration of Work Safety, it is also a qualified supplier of well-known domestic enterprises such as Luoyang Branch of Sinopec, Luoyang Technology Research and Development Center of Sinopec Refining and Chemical Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Natural Gas Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., Liming Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Luoyang Haohua Gas Technology Co., Ltd.

The main products are flame retardant clothing, anti-static work clothes, protective shoes, safety helmets, gloves and labor protection articles. The annual processing capacity of clothing is 600000-1 million sets. The production process adopts automatic production lines such as computer CAD automatic typesetting. The design is leading and the quality is high. It realizes all-round protection for workers from head to toe, and provides customers with high-quality and reliable products, professional technical training and thoughtful after-sales service.