Plastic products business

The Plastic Products Operation Department is a manufacturer of plastic woven bags, container bags and heavy film bags integrating research and development, production and sales. It produces various specifications of plastic woven bags, composite plastic woven bags, inner mucosa plastic woven bags, FFS multi-layer co-extruded heavy-load film, bags, container bags, anti-purple and anti-oxygen container bags, anti-static container bags, inner lacing container bags, etc. The products have obtained many inspection certificates and patents.

The operation department has a professional design and development team, advanced production technology and equipment, quality testing equipment, strong technical force, according to the special needs of users to provide professional product design, customized products, stable and reliable products and perfect after-sales service, so that you have no worries.

Products are mainly used in chemical, agricultural, mineral, feed and other industries of goods packaging and transportation. It can meet the packaging and transportation needs of all bulk products such as powder, granular and block, and can realize color customization, special-shaped bag customization, leak-proof, moisture-proof, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, anti-static and other use requirements.