Maintenance and repair engineering business

The inspection and maintenance engineering operation department is a construction engineering enterprise mainly engaged in anti-corrosion and heat preservation, chemical cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, valve maintenance, etc. In 2017, it passed the inspection and maintenance capability assessment of China Special Inspection Institute and obtained a number of special qualifications, including high-pressure cleaning below 200Mpa, control valve inspection and maintenance below PN6.4 and special qualifications for anti-corrosion and thermal insulation construction.

For a long time, he has been engaged in the maintenance and maintenance of catalysis, hydrogenation, reforming, PTA, polyester, polypropylene, coking, boiler and other equipment and pipelines, heat exchange equipment, container and pipeline cleaning, valve pressure test inspection and maintenance, and loading and unloading of various chemical agents (including anaerobic filling operations) in Luoyang Branch of Sinopec. In 2008, 2011, 2015 and 2019, it undertook and completed the shutdown and maintenance of various units in Luoyang Petrochemical and its surrounding chemical plants. In 2017, the operation department participated in the maintenance of CNOOC Dongfang Petrochemical plants as a subcontractor and completed the high-pressure water cleaning of 292 heat exchangers.

Equipment operation instruction, quality inspection instruction and process instruction are formulated according to the requirements of QHSE management system. In the course of operation, the responsibility for safety, environmental protection and occupational health work has been implemented step by step, the safety supervision of direct operation links has been strengthened, the post responsibility system and safety, environmental protection and occupational health inspection have been strictly enforced, and the construction of safety culture has been strengthened.