[Staff Wen Yuan] Medal


Release time:2023-12-28 11:00

As a petrochemical enterprise, "high temperature and high pressure, flammable and explosive" is its characteristic, "no mistake, no loss", safety work is the top priority. In accordance with the requirements of the Emergency Management Bureau, the "post training technical competition" activity involves safety, equipment, technology and post responsibilities. Everyone carefully prepared, compared with learning to help surpass, summed up the theoretical knowledge points skillfully, and manually drew the on-site process after the device was overhauled. On the competition field, he answered questions calmly, played steadily, and won a heavy medal.

Go to work happily and come home safely. For the employees of hazardous chemicals production enterprises, job skills are not only the requirement of standing, but also the awe of life. This shining medal continues to inspire me to practice my skills, serve the enterprise and repay the society.

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