The company held a special lecture on health first aid knowledge.


Release time:2023-12-28 11:00

In order to popularize the health knowledge of the company's employees and improve the first aid level of the majority of employees, the company held a special lecture on health first aid knowledge on the afternoon of October 23, and all units organized personnel to actively participate.

This lecture was hosted by Henan Station of Safety and Health Education Science Popularization Network and Henan National Health Promotion Association. Teacher Xiao Juan used pictures and videos to popularize basic medical knowledge and systematically explained the first aid measures to be taken in the face of emergencies. Let everyone fully understand the importance of physical life and health.

Through this special lecture on health first aid knowledge, employees have benefited a lot. They deeply realize that health first aid knowledge is not only important in daily life, but also very important in the production and development of enterprises. They all expressed that they should pay more attention to their own health.

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