Importance of Occupational Health Surveillance


Release time:2023-12-28 10:01

Importance of Occupational Health Surveillance

1. Discovering occupational contraindications in a timely manner and screening people susceptible to occupational hazards

2 a timely detection of occupational health damage, evaluation of the relationship between health changes and occupational hazards

3. Discovery and diagnosis of occupational diseases to facilitate timely treatment or placement of occupational patients

4 a occupational hazard evaluation, occupational hazard management effect evaluation to provide a scientific basis

5 One-line target intervention

6. Provide basis for administrative law enforcement


Contents of occupational health surveillance files:

(I) the occupational history, past history and occupational disease hazard exposure history of the workers; (II) the monitoring results of occupational disease hazard factors in corresponding workplaces;

(III) occupational health examination results and treatment;

(IV) disease diagnosis and treatment of workers health information.


Corporate Responsibilities

The employer shall properly keep the occupational health surveillance files in accordance with the provisions.

◆ Workers have the right to consult and copy their own occupational health surveillance files.

◆ When a worker leaves the employer, he has the right to obtain a copy of his health care file.

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