Occupational Health Management


Release time:2023-12-28 09:59

Occupational health surveillance: in order to discover the occupational damage of workers in time, according to the occupational contact history of workers, carry out targeted regular or irregular health examination and continuous and dynamic medical observation, record the occupational contact history and health changes, and evaluate the relationship between the health changes of workers and occupational hazards.

Pre-job: find out whether new employees have occupational contraindications and determine whether they can engage in the position.

In the post: find abnormal changes in the health of workers at work and evaluate the control effect of occupational hazards.

Departing: determining the health status at the time of cessation of exposure to occupational hazards

Occupational hazard detection: regular detection of occupational hazards in the workplace

Detection and publicity: set up a bulletin board in a conspicuous position to announce the rules and regulations, operating procedures, emergency rescue measures for occupational disease hazard accidents and the detection results of occupational disease hazard factors in the workplace.

Inform of labor contract: pre-job and post-transfer personnel

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