Occupational health situation


Release time:2023-12-28 09:44

(1) 13546 healthy enterprises by the end of 2022; 137000 enterprises have been included in the scope of special treatment of occupational hazards and have carried out special treatment work. 1201 occupational health technical service institutions; 621 radiation health technical service institutions; 21 chemical toxicity identification centers; There were 5342 occupational health examination institutions, reporting 18.08 million cases of occupational health examination case information, 328000 occupational contraindications and 12000 suspected occupational diseases were found; 591 occupational disease diagnosis institutions completed 25500 person-times of occupational disease diagnosis; the central government transferred local funds to build 829 pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations (spots); a total of 450000 person-times of rehabilitation services were provided.

(2) In 2022, a total of 11108 new cases of various occupational diseases were reported nationwide, including 7615 cases of occupational pneumoconiosis and other respiratory diseases (including 7577 cases of occupational pneumoconiosis), 1879 cases of occupational ENT and oral diseases, 308 cases of occupational infectious diseases, 399 cases of occupational chemical poisoning, 749 cases of occupational diseases caused by physical factors, 48 cases of occupational skin diseases, 71 cases of occupational tumors, 23 cases of occupational eye diseases (including 4 cases of radioactive cataract), there were 11 cases of occupational radiation diseases, 5 cases of other occupational diseases, and 9613 deaths due to pneumoconiosis nationwide in 2022.

(3) Occupational hazards are widely distributed in more than 30 industries such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, machinery, and electronics.



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