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Release time:2023-12-28 09:13

Special oil is different from the general oil in all the functions of the oil. Through advanced refining process, specific high-quality crude oil can be processed into environment-friendly solvent oil, metal processing oil, ink, rubber oil, refrigeration oil and other special oil products. Compared with conventional oil products, special oil products can better meet special needs. Today we will take a look at the classification of special oil products, what are the specific market segments?

Classification of 1. special oil products

1. Lubricating oil for special machinery

Special anti-wear hydraulic oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, special circulating oil, extreme pressure industrial gear oil, multi-effect gear oil, diesel engine oil, reciprocating air compressor oil, screw air compressor oil, refrigerating machine oil, vacuum pump oil, turbine engine oil, heat transfer oil, guide oil, knitting oil, spindle oil, food grade white oil, rubber oil, transformer oil, automatic discharge lithium oil, high-speed main shaft oil, base grease, high-temperature molybdenum bearing, high-effect grease, high-speed grease white grease, loader special oil, other unclassified.

2. Metal processing oil

Emulsified cutting oil, liquid, semi-synthetic water-based cutting fluid, fully synthetic water-based cutting fluid, oily cutting oil, oily grinding oil, water-based grinding fluid, copper wire drawing oil, stamping and drawing oil, anti-rust oil, tooth tapping oil, electric spark processing oil, volatile stamping oil, quenching oil, metal processing fluid, metal anti-rust oil, cutting fluid, gear oil, casting auxiliary lubricant, vapor phase anti-rust film, anti-rust oil, anti-rust oil, solution anti-rust oil other unclassified.

3. Special synthetic lubricating oil

Synthetic grease, synthetic high temperature chain oil, setting machine chain oil, high vacuum diffusion pump oil, synthetic air compressor oil, synthetic gear oil, food grade grease, silicone grease, conductive grease, damping grease, perfluorinated longevity grease, silicone oil, high temperature anti-seize agent, automobile lubricating oil, other unclassified.

4. Steel plate rolling oil

Cold rolling oil RL11, cold rolling oil RL12, multi-roll rolling oil RD50, multi-stand cold rolling oil RH140, cold rolling oil RL130, cold rolling oil RL180, multi-roll rolling oil RD80, high-speed cold rolling oil RH200, other unclassified.

5. Cleaning agent

Quick cleaning agent, water-based cleaning agent, degreasing agent, metal cleaning agent, industrial cleaning agent, other.

6. Special grease

Bearing grease, gear grease, special grease for electric tools, reducer grease, high and low temperature grease, sealing grease, synthetic grease, anti-sticking grease, urea grease, lithium grease, calcium grease, other unclassified. Automotive grease, low temperature grease, multi-effect grease, wide temperature grease, special gear grease, food machinery grease, silencer grease, insulating grease, conductive grease, bearing grease, sealing grease, cock grease, screw grease, optical instrument grease, low temperature grease, railway grease, adhesive grease, plastic grease, damping grease, instrument grease, antirust grease, steel cable grease, gear grease, graphite grease, running grease, grease for deceleration motor, silicone grease, grease for underwater equipment, damping oil, high-speed grease, metallurgical grease, grease for automobile parts, grease for reducer, and grease for sliding bearings.

7. Lubricating materials

Release agent, anti-wear agent, detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidation anti-corrosion anti-wear agent, film-forming agent, extreme pressure anti-wear agent, oil-based agent, demulsifier, anti-oxygen anti-glue agent, tackifier, anti-rust agent, anti-foaming agent, metal passivator, composite additive, other unclassified. thickener, stabilizer, additive, semi-solid lubricant, liquid lubricant, non-petroleum lubricating oil, non-soap base, etc.

8. Anti-rust oil

Replacement type anti-rust oil, gas phase anti-rust oil, gas phase anti-rust agent, solvent dilution type anti-rust oil series, lubricating anti-rust oil, grease type anti-rust oil (anti-rust grease), hard film anti-rust oil, metal anti-rust oil, dehydration anti-rust oil, quick-drying anti-rust oil, other.

9. Heat treatment oil

Quenching oil, quenching coolant, tempering oil, isothermal grading quenching oil, rapid quenching oil, rapid bright quenching oil, overspeed quenching oil, ordinary quenching oil, others.

10. Special related oil products

Synthetic base oil, special solvent oil, automotive lubricating oil, marine oil, regenerated lubricating oil, synthetic lubricating oil, semi-synthetic oil, synthetic heat transfer oil, coal-based synthetic oil, and others.

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