Specialty Oil Industry Segments


Release time:2023-12-15 09:10

Specialty Oil Industry Segments

1. Metal processing oil

Metal processing oil is made of high quality mineral base oil, with sulfurized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester as the main extreme pressure anti-wear agent, compounded with different proportions of anti-rust agent, anti-mold bactericide, cooling agent and other additives. It is a product used for the purpose of improving the surface finish of the metal, improving the processing performance, prolonging the life of the tool, and improving the anti-rust performance of the processed material. Often according to the metal processing method is divided into cutting oil (liquid) and forming oil (liquid) two categories.

However, according to the chemical composition of the oil, it is divided into two categories: insoluble (oil-based) liquid and water-soluble (water-based) liquid. In 2021, the production and apparent consumption of metal processing oil in the special oil industry will reach 957000 tons and 1.052 million tons, respectively.

2. Lubricating oil additives

Lubricating oil additives can effectively improve some characteristics of lubricating oil or make lubricating oil obtain some new characteristics. Lubricating oil is closely related to the automobile, machinery and transportation industries, and is an indispensable auxiliary material for industrial development. Since 2014, China's lubricating oil market has experienced a short period of trough, and its output and consumption have gradually rebounded. With the gradual increase in the income level of Chinese residents and the rising number of cars, the demand for lubricants will grow steadily in the future, and in 2021, the output and apparent consumption of lubricants in the special oil industry will reach 7.279 million tons and 7.49 million tons, respectively.

3, anti-rust oil

Antirust oil is a reddish brown appearance with antirust function of oil solvent. The upstream of the anti-rust oil industry chain is mainly liquid paraffin, petrochemical industry and other industries, while the downstream industries are mainly automobiles, fasteners, fans, engines and other industries. Anti-rust grease is composed of one or more anti-rust additives (also known as oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors) and their auxiliary additives added to the basic components of petroleum. It is easy to use, low in cost, good in effect, and simple in operation. The fastener industry is widely used. In 2021, the production and apparent consumption of anti-rust oil in the special oil industry will reach 397000 tons and 552000 tons, respectively.

As the metal anti-rust oil with environmental protection and long anti-rust time is more and more respected by people, especially with the improvement of national quality, the awareness of environmental protection in energy conservation is becoming stronger and stronger, coupled with the threat of toxic hazards of chemical products, people pay special attention to the environmental protection and health functions of metal anti-rust oil, and many customers also choose to love harmless metal anti-rust oil products at present.

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