Special oil operation department: early planning, fine preparation, fine measures to do a good job of anti-freezing and anti-condensation in winter.


Release time:2023-12-28 10:59

With the sudden drop in temperature recently, the special oil operation department, based on early planning, precise preparation and detailed measures, gradually tried to run the regional heat tracing system of the device to prepare for the anti-freezing and anti-condensation work in winter. Ensure that the anti-freezing and anti-setting work in winter is in place safely.

Starting from the on-site management, the special oil operation department carries out anti-freezing and anti-icing investigation on facilities such as heat preservation, heat tracing, condensate drainage and steam traps. At the same time, pull-net type investigation of running, running, dripping, leakage and other phenomena; Check and prepare all kinds of anti-freezing and anti-freezing ledger records; Heat preservation and protection shall be done for the out-of-service equipment, the inspection frequency of key equipment shall be strengthened, and the countermeasures against temperature changes shall be strengthened to ensure safe production and smooth operation of equipment in winter.

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