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Jinda Company New Year's Party

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Jinda Company New Year's Party

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Set plastic woven bags, labor protection clothing, chemical additives, inspection and maintenance, trade and other industries as one of the medium-sized modern enterprises. Six subordinate units: special oil operation department, sales co., ltd., inspection and maintenance engineering operation department, plastic products operation department, labor protection clothing operation department, and water treatment agent production service department.

Related Products

Polyacrylamide (PAM)

Is a polymer flocculant, can be dispersed in the solution of suspended particles to form a bridge adsorption, has a strong flocculation, soluble in water, warm water solubility is better, but also soluble in acetic acid, glycerol and amines and other organic solvents.

Polyaluminium chloride (PAC)

Is a kind of coordination compound type of inorganic polymer compounds, through the hydroxyl bridging effect of cross-linking, molecules containing hydroxyl number, polymer solid is colorless to yellow resin, easy deliquescence, the solution is colorless to yellow brown liquid. It alum flower formation fast, large, easy to settle, suitable for a wide range of source water pH. This product belongs to cationic inorganic polymer flocculant, which is widely used in domestic water supply and industrial water treatment. Adapt to low temperature, low turbidity water and high turbidity water purification treatment.

Sticky slime stripper SS311

It is an aqueous solution of dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and a cationic surfactant. It is widely used in circulating cooling water, sterilization and algae killing and slime stripping of oilfield reinjection water, hospital disinfection, cleaning agent for metal pipelines, leveling agent for printing and dyeing industry, softener and antistatic agent for paper industry.

Bactericidal algaecide SS532

Is a new, broad-spectrum, non-oxidizing biocide, bacteria, fungi, sulfate reducing bacteria, iron bacteria, algae and other microorganisms, has a strong inhibition and killing effect, and has a good slime stripping effect, high efficiency, low pollution. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, oil and other industries circulating cooling water sterilization algae and slime stripping.


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